What are the advantages / disadvantages of making money with Android App? 

– Advantages:

  • Easy to do

With the form of making money from  Android mobile apps, you will find it easy, just use your smartphone, your sibling’s, your parents’ own to download the application, because the app to make money is designed optimally. So you just do the simple steps to make money on it. Money will be able to be paid to you through scratch cards, cash, Paypal, depending on the picture specified how to pay.

  • No capital required

The first criterion to be able to make money online on your phone is that you must have a smartphone running 1 of 2 operating Android and iOS without having to spend any extra costs, you will make money right on the phone. phone.

If you want to diversify forms, you should use the Android operating system. This form of money making is suitable for you who do not have the conditions to make more advanced and long-term forms of MMO (make money online).

the advantages of the money-making app

Outstanding advantages from the money-making app

– Defect

Mobile app earnings make money from tasks not too much. Usually, a person who works hard on tasks earns only 7-8 million / month. It takes a lot of time during the day to pay attention to the tools of making money.

A prerequisite to participate is a smartphone. Making money, regardless of any form, requires persistence. Therefore, before joining you should determine the mentality to avoid giving up in the middle!

Top reputable money making apps – The easiest way to make money ONLINE on your phone

1. MOMO e-wallet

momo electronic wallet

Momo e-wallet – money making application

MoMo is the No. 1 e-wallet application payment gateway in Vietnam licensed and managed by the State Bank of Vietnam, doing business associated with Vietnamese banks including Vietcombank, VietinBank, Agribank, OCB. , VPBank, …

For each new customer, an instant bonus of 100,000 VND will be rewarded when completing the account registration, entering a promotional code and linking to a bank account. Moreover, when you refer each customer using MoMo e-wallet, you will be rewarded 100,000 VND, meaning that referring to 100 people, you will receive 10 million, 1000 people get 100 million.

Instructions to make money online from Momo wallet:

(See details below)

guide to monetize mono

Steps to monetize momo for beginners

2. VNDC floor

VNDC – An exchange project on the cryptocurrency market that both contacts and sponsors businesses and agents to develop the system. For each new account registered through the sponsorship link of the agent you will receive 25,000 VND and open the function to introduce new members, you can ask a friend or register an account for a relative to receive. get 35,000 VND / new registered account. With this way of making money on this android phone you can deposit money into savings to receive interest every day (but this I do not recommend because I need to spend capital).

Steps to join:

Step 1: Click here to register for an account.

Step 2: Confirm email.

Step 3: Download app VNDC Wallet Pro.

Step 4: Log in to the VNDC Wallet Pro app.

Step 5: Authenticate account (KYC).


How to make money from VNDC

3. VinaResearch

When making money with Vinaresearch, you can participate in answering surveys to serve the research needs of businesses, organizations and unions. Survey information is collected and analyzed in order to provide the research unit with a comprehensive set of statistical data or reports, as the basis for strategic development decisions.

There are 2 ways to help you make money on VinaRearch

  • Doing online money making survey is the first task when joining VinaResearch is also the secret to help you make the most money.
  • Invite your friends to register and make money with VinaResearch to help you earn extra income.

After completing the monetization activity on the app, you will be exchanged for a number of valuable gifts such as phone scratch card, cash payment via Ngan Luong or purchase links at some linked websites.

4. Cashbag

Cashbag money making application

Cashbag application interface

Cashbag is an app that allows people to get a partial refund when they shop on e-commerce sites. Cashbag application is easy to use, clear interface without clutter. To get a refund, instead of going straight to the e-commerce platform to shop, you just need to open the Cashbag app and select the shopping page on the app. After the purchase on successful e-commerce apps, the refund will be transferred to the Cashbag app and you can be withdrawn to your bank account.

You can make money from Cashbag by shopping for yourself, shopping for acquaintances, … for a refund. And the effect is to refer friends to use Cashbag, you will enjoy 20% commission on the total amount refunded by your referrals.

5. Accumulate

Similar to Cashbag, Accumulation also cooperates with the Affiliate Marketing program of brands, receiving bonuses (commissions) when bringing customers to buy on the websites or apps of these brands. You can also make money by shopping on Tiki, Lazada, Sendo, … through the Accumulation app to get a refund and refer friends to receive 25% – 30% commission.

Above are 5 android money-making apps to help you make money in one note. Actually, there is nothing in this world for free as you think. The things that you do or earn are part of the developer’s plan. Include:

  • Invite others to download the app
  • Ads must be viewed on the phone
  • Watch promotional trailers, read newspapers for money.
  • Do survey Like, share articles on Facebook

how to make money on android phones

How to make money on android phones

In short, the money you spend helps them achieve the best marketing results. All your actions are controlled by the manufacturer. Therefore, the way to make money online from an Android phone application is a mutually beneficial form, you can make money, and developers get more customers and make a profit from it.

If you want to make more money passively, please see the article ” how to make money online 4.0 – Write a money-making application.”

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